New fee to bring carry-on bag on board Aer Lingus flights

Most Aer Lingus passengers can no longer take a free carry-on bag weighing up to 10kg on board with them, under changes to the airline’s baggage rules. Then, the new policy applies to short-haul flights within Europe, including to the United Kingdom, and will apply to customers travelling from June 29th onwards.

It means passengers must now purchase priority boarding priced from €5.99 upwards in order to take their carry-on bag on board. And those who fail to check in their bag will be charged a €35 fee to place it in the aircraft hold if they arrive with it at the boarding gate.

Aer Lingus said the changes had been introduced “to ensure faster boarding and de-planing, therefore improving overall customer experience.”

“Customers that wish to bring a 10kg bag on board will need to pay a fee, which includes priority boarding.

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