5 smart ways to cut down your beauty baggage

Unless you’re heading off on some kind of digital detox or remote retreat, where make-up is the last thing on your mind, packing for a summer escape poses a bit of a conundrum.

You want to look (and smell) good on your holiday, yet you don’t want to be carting away the entire contents of your bathroom cabinet – particularly if all you’ve got to play with is a budget airline’s measly cabin baggage allowance.

So, I will try to help you packing your baggage listing 5 important tips as following.

1. Travel-size bottles

The clue is in the name, of course. These mini tubes and bottles never go over the 100ml airport security limit, but they’re big enough to see you through (depending on the product) a fortnight away.

2. Beauty bars

Not only do they help cut down on plastic packaging, solid beauty bars are ideal for travel too, especially if you opt for mini versions.

3. Portable palettes

There’s no point packing a huge make-up palette when you know you’re not going to use the whole thing. That’s where refillable sets come in really handy.

4. Skincare capsules

The ultimate in space-saving chic, individual skincare capsules ensure you don’t take away a drop more product than you need.

5. Perfume decanters

Even small glass perfume bottles are often on the heavy side, and mini versions of fragrances can be over-priced. Take your signature scent on holiday by filling a 5ml atomiser, which equates to around 65 sprays.

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source: RTE

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