Would we recommend a baggage wrap?

Here at excessbaggage.ie we offer a security wrap

By Liam Feeney

We would always recommend a security wrap for your luggage, especially on worldwide shipments. There are many benefits to getting a security wrap such as.

It adds an additional layer of security to your personal belongings, preventing potential looters from ensuring that no one can access your possessions without your permission.

Another benefit would be that the security wrap can keep your overfilled excess baggage from bursting open. This helps prevent luggage and personal items fall out while in transit.

Additionally, a security wrap helps to reduce the risk of damage to your luggage during transit. Often at excessbagage.ie, we get fragile items that in our expert opinion will always need a wrap.

We also can add fragile labels onto the shipments on request which will indicate to the handlers to handle with care to ensure your item is not broken while in transit.

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